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Which internet browser is best to use?

Bitesize courses will work with the following browsers and devices:

Explorer 8
Explorer 11
Edge Chrome Safari Firefox PC/Laptop/MAC Tablet Smartphone
Short Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Intermediate   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nothing happens when I click to launch a course?

Bitesize short courses use a pop up window. Bitesize intermediate and advanced courses open in a new tab.

If nothing happens when you try to access a bitesize short course a pop-up blocker maybe installed on your computer and may prevent the course from running as expected. Try to press the 'Ctrl' key down while clicking on a link to override pop-up blocking.

You may have a pop-up blocker running if you have installed toolbars from other sites on your browser (e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc.). Anti-virus or firewall security packages can also be configured to block pop-ups. If you are using the latest Microsoft Windows security options, your browser itself may be blocking pop-up windows. Please add this website to your list of allowed sites from the Pop-up Blocker Settings menu of your browser.

It is a requirement that pop-ups be enabled for bitesize short courses. If you need assistance in removing pop-up blockers from your computer, please contact your IT Helpdesk.

How long does each bitesize course take to complete?
The time taken to complete our bitesize courses will vary depending on a learners prior knowledge and learning style, the following is therefore a guideline:
  • Short courses - 2-3hrs
  • Intermediate courses - 5-6hrs
  • Advanced courses - 9-10hrs.
What support is available to me throughout the course?
Please contact HFMA on 0117 938 8994 during office hours, or email
Do the courses have an assessment?
Each of the short and intermediate courses have a short assessment which you are required to complete. Our advanced courses include activities that consolidate your learning.
What happens if I fail the assessment test?
If you fail the assessment you can retake the assessment as many times as you need to pass the assessment until the expiry date of your course. After the expiry date has passed you will no longer be able to access the course or the assessment.
Do I get a certificate if I successfully complete the course?
Yes, once you have successfully completed the course you will have the option to view and print a personalised certificate to register for CPD.
Are your courses accredited and will they count towards my CPD?
All of our bitesize courses have been assessed by the CPD Standards Office who have awarded the following hours:
  • Short courses - 3hrs
  • Intermediate courses - 6hrs
  • Advanced courses - 10hrs.
What access will I have after I have completed a course?
Once you have completed a course you will still be able to access the course content until the expiry date of the course. After this date you will not be able to access the course content.
Can I undertake part of a course and come back to the rest?
Yes, your progress is bookmarked so you can come back and continue from where you left off. You can continue to do this until the expiry date of the course.
Can I change my e-mail or password?
Yes, you can change your e-mail address or your password. Once you are logged in, please click on the 'My details' tab and update your details.

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